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Crosswind Circuits At Headcorn

Crosswind Circuits At Headcorn I thought today’s lesson went pretty well. It was another intense session of circuits at Headcorn. It was an absolute scorcher of a day, so by the end of it I was drenched in sweat. Headcorn is a pretty mad aerodrome to fly circuits at. There are parachutists jumping out on the dead side of the runway (rather unfortunate name) and there are all kinds of light aeroplanes arriving and taking off. In today’s session there was a Tiger Moth in the circuit flown by a British Airways pilot. If you’re thinking about taking up flying
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Flying Circuits At Headcorn Aerodrome

Flying Circuits At Headcorn Aerodrome My upper air flying is great. I can fly at accurate altitudes, have the aircraft trimmed perfectly, maintain a good lookout and all the other necessary tasks of a standard flight. In the circuit things are in pretty good shape too and I have a good awareness of other traffic and make all the right radio calls in the right positions. However, things get a bit beyond me as we get closer to the ground! I guess my previous flying experience has really helped me with my upper air work. Landing is undoubtedly the most
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