About Me

alastair kane microlight pilot

Flying the Ikarus C 42

My name is Alastair Kane and I caught the flying bug when I first flew on a jet airliner aged 5. It was on an old Aeroflot Illyushin 62 flying from London to Kuala Lumpur with my mum, dad and brother. The roaring power of those four jet engines as that rickety Soviet bird thundered down the runway at Heathrow, affected the core of my very being.  And as the aircraft gracefully transitioned into the air, I was never the same again.


The dream of flying has never really left me. Every time I hear a light aircraft fly over me on a clear summer’s day I feel a yearning for the sky.  Over the last year I’ve been seriously considering ways of getting my pilot’s licence.  It has become more of a ‘need’ than a ‘want’! However, I always come up against the financial implications of embarking on such a venture. Even if I could somehow manage to get the circa £10K necessary for a PPL, it would still be prohibitively expensive to fly regularly at weekends. This is when I started thinking about microlight flying. My way of fulfilling a childhood dream that’s within my reach!