Straining At The Leash To Start My Microlight Training

Ikarus C42

Ikarus C42 – she’s a beauty!

I’ve just phoned a couple of microlight schools in Sussex to inquire about flying training costs. At the beginning of this year I made a promise to myself to go on a trial experience flight in the spring when the weather got better and now that time has arrived!

There are two flying schools in Sussex which offer training on the type of microlight I want to fly – 3 axis. VoliAmo Flying School offers training in a Thruster T600N Sprint and you can purchase 10 hour training blocks for the very reasonable price of £1115. Flying is out of Heathfield Airfield in East Sussex which is perfect to get to from my home in Brighton.

The second school I am considering is South Coast Microlights based at Deanland near Lewes and Lydd Airport in Kent. In addition to Thrusters they also have an Ikarus C42 which looks very much like a smaller version of the Cessna 172 I flew years ago.

I have to say that right now I’m seriously considering the Ikarus option. Although the training will be a little more expensive, the school offers discount hire rates for pilots who get their licence through them. This has tipped the balance in their favour,  as once I have my licence I want my hobby to be something I do regularly and I don’t want to end up grounded due to lack of funds.


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